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Pipe Spring N.M / Coral Pink

Pipe Springs

Pipe Spring National Monument

An oasis in the desert Pipe Spring was set aside in 1923 by the U.S. Government as a National Monument. The area surrounding Pipe Spring was once inhabited by ancestral Puebloan Indians and more recently populated by a band of the Paiute Indian Tribe. These people were the first to be drawn here by the four springs in the immediate area.

Later, Mormon settlers, attracted by and grasslands and available water called Pipe Spring home and established a ranching operation. At one time the grass in the area was said to have grown "belly high to a horse." Today, visitors can tour the remains of this Mormon cattle ranch established in the late nineteenth century. A fully furnished historic fort, Winsor Castle, allows visitors to step back in time and relive Mormon pioneer life.

Coral Pink Sand Dunes

Coral Pink Sand Dunes

Coral Pink Sand Dunes is located eleven miles north of Kanab, Utah on US 89. This state park is open all year and is a wide-sweeping expanse of coral-colored sand. You can hike, take photos, camp, ride ATV’s and dune buggies, or just relax in the sand.

One of the favorite getaway spots for "the locals", Coral Pink Sand Dunes is a favorite spot for hiking and photography. Sunrise and sunset photography is simply spectacular here! The Park is open all year 'round, but spring and fall are the best seasons for hiking and photography.

For Off-Road Enthusiasts, there are 1,000 acres of play area, and hundreds of miles of trails in the vicinity of the Park. Since regulations concerning off-road vehicles are changing in this area, be sure to contact the Ranger Station for the latest news of open trails.

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